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The following tools and accessories are available to aid installation.


cutting vice to hold metallic conduits and guide hacksaw
CLAMP   Quantity

conduit cutter

CC01 (for non metallic counduits up to 34mm)   Quantity
CC02 (for non metallic counduits up to 67mm)   Quantity

slit conduit insertion tool

ST16 (for conduit FPYS16)   Quantity
ST20 (for conduit FPYS20)   Quantity
ST25 (for conduit FPYS25)   Quantity
ST32 (for conduit FPYS32)   Quantity

slitting tool

can be used to slit all corrugated conduits down to 13mm
CS01 (slitting tool)   Quantity

removal tool for push in Flexilok

removal tool to ease removal of the Flexilok push in fittings
RTPF20 (for use with FLK16-PL20; FLK20-PL20; FLK21-PL20)   Quantity
RTPF25 (for use with FLK25-PL25; FLK28-PL25)   Quantity
RTPF32 (for use with FLK34-PL32)   Quantity

removal tool for Flexilok 4 Teeth fittings

removal tool for Flexilok 4 Teeth fittings (available in 42mm and 54mm)
FLK42RT (Removal Tool for use with 42mm Flexilok fittings)   Quantity
FLK54RT (Removal Tool for use with 54mm Flexilok fittings)   Quantity

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