• Utilities and services need to be continuous and safe
  • Cable protection that saves time and money
  • Premium range of conduits that offers long term UV protection for cables

Whether this is the Water Industry or the latest in Telecommunications technology, public service Utilities are essential for a nation’s economy and wellbeing.

Flexicon TelecomsContinuity of supply is critical for the Utilities sector. With considerable levels of investment, maximising asset lifetimes can help to achieve efficiencies and reliable operations. Projects need to offer safety and security. Whether it is a Water Treatment Plant or a Telecommunications mast, the loss of power or data can have a significant impact on the provision of services. With the risk of significant fines Operating Companies need to ensure provision of Utilities and Services which are typically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week processes.

  • Telecommunications
  • Water Treatment

  • Power Stations
  • Renewables

  • Wind Energy
  • Solar Farms

Example Applications include;

  • Control & Instrumentation Systems – Detection / Measurement
  • MCC (Motor Control Centres)
  • Pumps / Drives / Motors
  • Plant Room Equipment

  • Lighting
  • Alarms
  • CCTV and Security
  • Access Control

  • UPS systems
  • Base stations & Masts
  • Antenna


Renewables – Wind / Solar / Hydro / Energy from Waste

Flexicon SolarRenewable Energy is a critical aspect of reducing global carbon emissions and offers an infinite source of power. This sector relies on new technologies to improve efficiency and maximise return on investment.

In the global drive to reduce the impact of greenhouse gas emissions, renewable energy is playing an increasingly important role. Whether this is Onshore Wind, Offshore Wind, Solar PV or Biomass all categories rely on cabling and subsequently cable protection for efficient and safe operation. High cost of major mechanical repair, combined with long service life expectations and the remoteness of equipment pose significant challenges when specifying Cable Protection.


Wind Turbine applications:

  • Nacelle
  • Tower & Lighting

  • Electric Pitch System
  • Control System

  • Condition monitoring systems
  • Cooling and Heating

 Solar Range – UV Performance for 20 years

Flexicon’s Solar Offer is a premium range of products designed for use for Cable Protection for Solar PV installations. Flexicon warrants that the Flexible Conduit will not suffer from significant mechanical deterioration from ultra violet exposure for a period of up to 20 years from the purchase date of the product*. * Contact Flexicon for further details – Terms and Conditions apply.

  • Security and Perimeter Control
  • CCTV

  • DC Combiner boxes
  • Inverters

  • Substation
  • Weather Station

Product Installation examples

  • FPIH - Primary treatment tanks
  • LTPUL - Electrical connection - Mains power to machinery
  • FSU - Water Treatment plant - external lighting

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