Manufacturing & Automation

  • Cable protection to maintain process and continuous operation
  • Reduce machine downtime with easy to use products
  • Keep cables safe and secure
Manufacturing & Automation

Manufacturing and Automation is constantly evolving, with the rapid emergence of new technologies to achieve greater safety, efficiency and functionality.

Whether it is performing operations such as processing, assembly, inspection or materials handling, or in some cases a combination of all of these, Manufacturing Automation relies on effective Cable Protection. Operating environments can vary significantly, however the fundamental requirement for continuous operation still exists. Engineers are constantly challenged to innovate, looking for improvements to deliver more for less.


Example Applications;

  • Machines
  • Conveyers
  • Materials Handling

  • Automation
  • Robotics


Typical Product Applications include;

  • Control & Instrumentation Systems – Detection / Measurement
  • Printing, Marking & Engraving
  • Materials Handling Equipment – Palletizers / Conveyers / Mixing & Dosing
  • Packaging – Accumulators / Baggers / Carton Machines
  • Logistics – Handling / Lifting / Conveying
  • Fabrication Equipment – Bending / Presses / Welding / Forming
  • Plastics Processing

  • Metal Cutting Equipment – Drilling / Grinding / Lathes / Milling / Rotary Transfer
  • Refrigeration – Storage / Temperature Controlled Environments
  • Pumps / Drives / Motors
  • Plant Room Equipment – Electrical and Mechanical Services
  • Robotics

Industry Approvals

Product Installation examples

  • FPI - Production Line - Robotic arm
  • SSU - Foundry - Lighting & ventilation
  • FSU - Electrical Power - Distribution boards
  • FPAS - Machines - Control wiring
  • LTPUL - Electrical connection - Mains power to machinery

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