• With so many diverse Customer applications, sometimes 60 different flexible conduit systems is not enough…
  • That’s where our tailored solutions capability can respond to your bespoke needs…

Flexicon can offer true engineering support when it comes to your Cable Protection requirements. When you talk to us, you know you are talking to the people that design, engineer and manufacture the products you are buying.

We are the experts when it comes to understanding product capabilities and can engineer solutions to help you save time and money when it comes to your protection requirements.

Working closely with our customers, we understand their protection challenges and have provided numerous customised solutions. Some examples of specials and tailored solutions are listed below:



Non standard lengths

  • Long lengths – Typically when 50m is not long enough we have provided extended lengths such as in special containers and cages up to 1,700m. Short lengths – 10m is our smallest standard coil length but we can offer shorter lengths if necessary. • Pre-cut lengths – Pre-cut to defined dimensions we can offer conduit pre-cut to your requirements ready to use saving you time.


  • Ideal for use for wiring harnesses or for OEM’s who are integrating products into their finished equipment. Consisting of pre-cut lengths of conduit, with fittings pre-terminated ready for assembly and wiring

Different Polymer formulations

  • We offer a range of different Polymer formulations to change the performance characteristics and properties of our Flexible Conduits. This could be to modify any of the following: – Colours – UV resistance – Flame retardancy – Fire performance properties – Anti-static

Bespoke Thread Sizes

  • We can offer various thread sizes and types. Our Non metallic fittings utilise barb design allowing us to create a variety of thread sizes across our FPA, FPAX and FPAU conduit fittings with metallic threads. Our manufacturing capability enables us to create various thread types, lengths, size and form.

Bespoke Thread Types

  • We can offer various termination options to interface with our Conduits. We have developed time and labour saving solutions to interface with equipment such as:- Push Fit termination – no thread – Pulling eye – assist with product handling – Integrated Cable Strain Relief

Material Finishes

  • We can offer different material finishes for metal systems. Often the self colour of Galvanised Steel, Stainless Steel or Aluminium does not match the required aesthetics. We can chemically blacken Stainless Steel conduits and fittings so they are not visible. We can also offer anodising of aluminium components to suit required aesthetics.


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