Flexicon have a YouTube channel for Cable Protection Videos.

Our products are simple and easy to use, and can be applicable to the most demanding environments but it is important to select the right products for your specific application.

We have over 60 different conduit systems for a reason as we know that one size does not necessarily fit all.

Have a look at our videos for more information.

Flexicon Connectabox™ - Weatherproof Connection Solution

Flexicon’s Connectabox™ is a unique, weatherproof connection box that provides a faster and simpler way to protect the interconnection of circuits and all types of cabling (power and data).It offers a truly weatherproof solutions that is lightweight, corrosion and UV resistant.

Flexicon Divisible Slit FPADS Flexible Conduit

Flexicon has launched an extended range of divisible corrugated conduits (Dual Slit Conduits), which can be easily retrofitted to protect vulnerable or existing cabling that may be susceptible to mechanical damage. The range also includes hinged fittings and hinged locknuts for full retrofit capabilities.

Flexicon ULTRA - The Power of One

The World’s Best Conduit Fitting from Flexicon. Offering Integrity, Strength and Assurance, Flexicon Ultra is ideal for performance and Safety Critical applications. This video demonstrates installation and sealing capabilities for the ultimate in Cable Protection. Ideal for Rail, Automation, OEM’s, Utilities and Marine, this product offers lifetime sealing and reliability.

Flexicon EXD Flameproof Barrier Gland installation

Installation video demonstrating how Flexicon’s EXD Flameproof Barrier Gland are connected onto Flexicon’s Liquidtight Flexible Conduit and terminated into an enclosure.

Selecting Cable Protection for CCTV - Video 1

This video is a handy guide to selecting Cable Protection for CCTV and Security Systems. Ian Gibson, Technical Director for Flexicon Ltd talks through the potential hazards and considerations you should consider when specifying Cable Protection for CCTV & Security Installations.

Installing Flexible Conduit for CCTV Applications - Video 2

This video is a handy guide to installing Cable Protection for CCTV and Security Systems using Flexicon Products. Andrew Poulton, Engineer talks through how to protect an installation using Flexible Conduit, from Flexicon, for a CCTV & Security Installation.

FPA fitting from Flexicon - The Ultimate Conduit Fitting

The FPA(X) range of flexible conduit fittings offer the ultimate solution for cable protection. Offering the highest pull off strength across all sizes, due to its all round teeth, it has incredibly high levels of Ingress Protection and is available from 10mm upto 67mm sizes.

Solar Panel Installation using Flexible Conduit for Cable Protection

Rooftop Solar Panel Installation video using Flexible Conduit for Cable Protection. This video discusses the product selection criteria and highlights Specification considerations required to protect vulnerable cables for Solar PV installations. Solar PV Contractors – FEED IT GREEN have installed Flexicon products throughout the installation to protect the cabling infrastructure for this schools project in Liverpool. Mark Reynolds of FEED IT GREEN discusses the benefits of using Flexible Conduit with Colin Legg, Marketing Manager of Flexicon.

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