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Additional corrosion resistance for Liquid Tight Conduits - LTPSS

Flexicon has launched a new range of  liquid tight flexible conduit that has high corrosion resistance.  It has a stainless steel core and a high temperature pvc coating.



With an IP rating of up to IP68, the new LTPSS range has a smooth, wipe clean outer cover making it ideal for applications that need a wash down or for outdoor applications.  It is also resistant to oils and greases, UV light for external applications and is suitable for applications with a temperature range of between -20oC to 105 oC.


The flexible conduit has a high mechanical strength, good flexibility and the pvc cover does not wrinkle when bent.  It can be used with a wide range of compression stainless steel fittings, which maintain the product’s IP rating and corrosion resistance.


In addition Flexicon has launched some new fittings for all of its liquid tight ranges of flexible conduit.  There is a new multipart compression fitting with an elastomeric seal which has an external thread that swivels about the main body even after tightening.  Also new are a 45o compression fitting and a multipart compression coupler including seals for joining two conduits.  The fittings are IP rated at IP66, IP67 and IP68 (5 Bar).





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