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New Double Slit Conduit - FPADS

Flexicon has launched a double slit nylon conduit system called FPADS, which provides simple to fit abrasion protection for low risk retrofit applications. 



Manufactured from two interlocking lengths of corrugated nylon conduit, it is easy to wrap around existing cabling without the need to disconnect or unplug it.  This saves time since you do not need to pull the cables through the conduit.


It is for applications where wiring needs some form of  mechanical protection, but there is no need for any IP rating.  For example on machinery to protect vulnerable cables, in offices to organise trailing leads around desks or even in the home to group and hide cabling for TVs, DVD players, music systems and computers.


FPADS can be used with Flexicon’s range of conduit clips and fittings.  The company claims to be the only UK manufacturer of such a system and to have the widest range of diameters from 13mm to 54mm.


It has a temperature range of -400C to 1100C, is self-extinguishing in a fire and is halogen, sulphur and phosphorous free.


Says Colin Legg, marketing manager at Flexicon:  “There are many applications where cables need some protection even though they are not exposed to harmful environmental factors, such as dust, moisture or temperature.


“In these circumstances, an installer or contractor will want to complete the job as fast as possible.  FPADS provides a quick and simple solution.  Installers will find the two interlocking halves very easy to slot together.”



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