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The risks of Cable Protection failure can have

significant consequences to Personal Safety,

Continuity of Power / Data Supply and

System Integrity.

Flexicon ULTRA™ is the world's best solution to protect critical cabling and

vulnerable installations. Ideal for the harshest environments and technically

demanding applications, Flexicon ULTRA™ exceeds expectations when it

comes to Cable Protection Performance.

Open to reveal more about Flexicon ULTRA™

Flexicon ULTRA™ is ideal for applications which demand…

Tested to



One piece solution - no separate parts or pre-assembly required

High level of Ingress Protection:

IP66, IP67, IP68 and IP69 performance

Dynamic performance:

Highest tensile strength non-metallic fitting, upto 70kg

Light weight:

Non-metallic components


Tested to extremes

Corrosion resistance:

Long life performance

Typical applications include…





Our products have been tested to the extremes to ensure suitability for technically

demanding environments.

For example, to demonstrate the Ingress Protection performance to IP68 we’ve

tested our products for Ingress Protection to 1 metre depth for a period of 72

hours, far beyond the requirements of the BS EN IEC 60529.

We’ve also tested our products for 2 Bar (equivalent to 20 metre depth) for a

period of 1 hour.


& Applications