We work with a range of material types including Galvanised Steel and Stainless Steel, and have developed composite solutions to enhance performance properties to suit technically demanding applications. Our Metallic Offer features over 34 systems, in a range of sizes from 10mm to 75mm.

Flexicon manufacture a range of helically wound conduits, with and without coatings, liquid tight conduits, pliable galvanised steel corrugated conduits and annularly corrugated conduits. Metallic systems can also be combined with overbraids to create composite solutions when required.

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  • LTPBRD System

    Galvanised steel core, thermoplastic rubber coated and stainless steel overbraid

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    FB System

    Galvanised steel core, galvanised steel overbraid

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    FUSSB System

    Galvanised steel core, stainless steel overbraid

  • FSB System

    galvanised steel core, PVC coated, galvanised steel overbraid

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    LFHUBRD System

    Galvanised steel core, extra LFH coated, stainless steel overbraid

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    FSSBRD System

    Stainless steel annularly corrugated conduit with overbraid

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