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What's new?

As a progressive company we are continually investing in new product development to expand our range hence offering you more choice.

We have added nearly "500" new products since our last Catalogue. A selection of these products are highlighted below;

Flexicon ULTRA™ - The Power of One New icon


  • One Piece - Integrated Sealing Technology
  • IP68, IP69 performance
  • Simple push and twist connection


  • 360° Strength- All round teeth
  • 70kg Tensile Strength
  • Anti-tamper, Dynamic & Vibration performance


  • Lifetime sealing & reliability
  • Independently tested to extremes
  • UK Manufacturer

EXD - Flameproof Barrier Glands

  • A true conduit system solution for Hazardous areas
  • Independently tested and approved to the latest standards
  • EX d, EX e and EX t approved applications with both ATEX and IECEx certification

Internally Braided Liquid Tight

  • High mechanical strength
  • High IP ratings
  • High flexibility
  • EMC Screening performance

Liquid Tight IP69K Fittings

  • Widest range of Liquid Tight fittings
  • Superior product performance as standard - washdown and steam cleaning applications
  • Metallic and non-metallic conduit solutions for IP66, IP67, IP68 & IP69K applications

FPU and LTPPU - polyurethane coated conduits

  • High fatigue life
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Good low temperature performance
  • Halogen Free


  • EMC screening applications
  • Independently tested and approved
  • High tensile strength
  • High IP ratings

FPA & FPAX Dividers

  • Fast fit reducing divider
  • Rounded internal corners facilitates easy pull through of cables
  • Mounting lugs for secure fixing
  • All the benefits of the FPA/FPAX connector

White conduits range

  • Aesthetic offer
  • Simple and easy to fit
  • Complete solution of conduits, fittings and accessories in white

Cable glands

  • Provides cable strain relief
  • Can be used with 20 conduit systems
  • Nickel plated brass fittings
  • Can provide enhanced IP rating on cable inside the conduit

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