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Three new Flexicon divisible conduits make retrofitting cable protection simple

Flexible conduit system manufacturer, Flexicon, has launched an extended range of divisible corrugated conduits (dual split conduits), which can be easily retrofitted to protect vulnerable or existing cabling that may be susceptible to mechanical damage.

Made from two interlocking slit corrugated conduits, divisible conduits are designed to protect vulnerable cabling and enhance personal protection against electrical shock. The construction allows existing cabling to be inserted laterally via a slit opening, rather than being pulled through the open end of a traditional conduit system. The two open conduits then interlock to form a double layer protection around the cables. 

Flexicon FPADS Slit Flexible Conduit

Flexicon’s divisible conduit range, sometimes referred to as double slit or dual split, offers retrospective protection against external hazards. This makes it ideal for retrofitting applications where minimal disruption is essential, such as in the rail, marine and automation sectors.

Available in black as standard, with conduit sizes from 13 to 54 mm, the three ranges offer higher compression strengths when compared to single slit conduit systems and are compatible with Flexicon’s range of conduit fittings for termination. 

Single slit conduit systems can potentially expose cabling when bent or routed around corners. In contrast, divisible conduits maintain the protection of the cabling irrespective of orientation or routing and can be fixed using standard conduit clips.

Flexicon has designed the three ranges, FPADS, FPRDS and FPPDS with choice, safety and reliability in mind.  All conduits are self-extinguishing as standard, but each system offers different performance properties allowing installers to match against the installation hazards. 

Flexicon Coloured Slit Conduit

The FPADS system is constructed from nylon PA6 and can withstand a temperature range of -40°C to +120°C and is UV resistant. The FPRDS range offers the ultimate in fire performance properties, with compliance to 

EN 45545-2 HL3 level, while the FPPDS Polypropylene version offers a lower-cost general purpose solution.

Applications include construction, rail, marine, utilities, renewables, automation and OEM. Flexicon is specialist UK manufacturer of flexible conduit solutions and can offer bespoke customer solutions as specials, such as different colours or lengths.  

For further information of Flexicon’s wide range of flexible conduit fittings and systems please contact Flexicon Ltd, Roman Way, Coleshill, Birmingham, B46 1HG.  Email flexiconsales@atkore.com.  www.flexicon.uk.com.

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