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New Telephone System - New dedicated Sales & Technical Hotline phone numbers

As part of our ongoing improvement for customer journey excellence, we have introduced a streamlined telephone system which will make it easier for you to speak to the correct person or department.

The updates and new phone lines will go live from Monday 28th October 2019.

We have created two new dedicated sales & technical hotlines - one for UK Sales & Technical and one for Export Sales & Technical:

• UK Sales and Technical Support hotline - +44(0)1675 468 650

• Export Sales and Technical Support hotline - +44(0)1675 468 660

• Head Office - +44(0)1675 466900 

We have listed below a series of FAQ's which will hopefully answer any queries you may have regarding our new system.

Q: Which telephone number do I ring for Flexicon?
A: You now have a choice of 3 telephone numbers for Flexicon. We have introduced 2 new telephone phone numbers, to enhance and improve our Customer Experience, connecting you directly with Sales & Technical Support for the UK or Export respectively;

    • UK Sales and Technical Support hotline - +44(0)1675 468 650
    • Export Sales and Technical Support hotline - +44(0)1675 468 660
    • Head Office - +44(0)1675 466900

Q: What happens when I ring the Flexicon Head Office telephone number as detailed on all literature and website?
A: You will be greeted with an automated system to select your desired department or extension number (if known).

Q: What happens if I ring either the UK or Export Sales and Technical telephone numbers by mistake?
A: You will speak with one of our Customer Services teams and they will be able to transfer your call accordingly.
Q: What happens if I do not know someone’s extension number?
A: You can listen to the options and then select the appropriate department to route your call. You can ask the individual for their extension number for future reference if required.

Q: Which department options can I speak to?
A: Sales and Technical Support, Finance, Marketing, IT (Information Technology), HR (Human Resources), Purchasing, Operations, Engineering.     

Q: What if I do not know who to talk to or a department is not listed?
A: You will always have the option to exit the automatic system by pressing 0 and talk to someone to redirect your call.     
Q: Have any existing direct dial numbers changed?
A: No, all direct numbers stay the same.     
Q: Can I still leave a message?
A: If the person or department is not available then there is still an option to leave a voicemail.

Q: How are Flexicon advising people of this change?
A: We will publish an update on our website in the latest news section and will be sending an email to all Wholesalers, Export distributors, Suppliers and Internal contacts of the change. These new numbers will feature on all relevant future contact information along with the Head Office telephone number.
Q: When will this change happen?
A: Go live is planned from Monday 28th October but we will be advising people about this change from week commencing Monday 21st October.
Q: Why have Flexicon done this?
A: To make it easier for you to speak to the relevant department or contact within the business.

If you have any further questions or queries, please contact us via email flexiconsales@atkore.com or using our Head Office phone number on +44(0)1675 466900.

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