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NEW UL Listed Non-Metallic Nylon Flexible Conduit & Fittings

Flexicon has developed a range of flexible conduits and fittings for installations that require either Under Laboratories (UL) “Listing” or “Recognition” approvals for machine builders exporting to North America and other international markets.

Says Tim Creedon, Flexicon’s Sales and Marketing Director, “A lack of understanding about the use of UL standards could lead to the loss of major export orders for machine builders.  UL is a major force in the world of standards and a number of countries are insisting on compliance in addition to the USA and Canada.

“Having approval on both non-metallic conduits and metallic conduits plus fittings means that we can provide exporters with a complete cable protection system that meets all the requirements of UL and is also fully tested as a system to ensure ongoing protection against hazards.”

Following testing by UL, Flexicon now have UL Listing for 21mm to 67mm sizes, in black and grey for the FPASC range of Flexible Conduits. For more details see File No. E246572 – UL Listing for Flexicon FPASC.

FPASC UL Listed Flexible Conduit

UL have also tested a range of Non-metallic fittings in line with the requirements of UL 514B. After successful completion of all tests, Flexicon now have UL Listing for FPAU and FPAX from 21mm to 67mm with NPT and Metric non-metallic threads – See File No. E247502 - UL Listing for Flexicon Fittings.

FPAU & FPAX UL Listed Fittings

Flexicon has also got a number of conduits that have passed the newest UL 1696 standard, which is a system standard that incorporates both conduits and fittings.  Approval to this standard gives a UL recognised flexible conduit system that may itself be incorporated into equipment that ends up being UL listed.  Typically, the standard covers corrugated polyamide and spirally reinforced PVC conduit systems.

Continues Creedon, “UL standards are a potential minefield for machine builders.  The whole ethos of UL is to work right down the supply chain to ensure that every component and even its raw material complies.  The system is also very open, so potentially anyone can report you if they suspect that either your equipment or a component within it does not comply.  The consequences of getting it wrong could be a lost order and unwanted stock.”

“In short you need to ensure that you fully understand the implications of UL and check that your supply chain does.  At Flexicon we have developed a number of different systems that fully comply with the different standards for flexible conduit and fittings.”

The new range of cable protection solutions offers the following benefits;

  • FPASC Conduits 21mm to 67mm – UL Listed to UL 1660 standard 
  • FPAU and FPAX fittings 21mm to 67mm - UL Listed to UL514B standard
  • High Mechanical Strength & impact 
  • Excellent Resistance to UV
  • Vibration and Shock resistant to EN 61373 Cat 2
  • Fittings Supplied with Face sealing washer for IP performance
  • Allows users to add cables to an installation without the need to add additional Cable Entry points to enclosures / equipment.
  • Quick and simple to install
  • CAD Models are available to download for all Flexicon products for easy integration into Customer Designs.
  • Datasheets and Certificates are available on request to support O&M manuals and Safety documentation.


Flexicon also have a range of Metallic UL Listed conduits and fittings in sizes 16mm to 63mm.

LTPUL Liquid Tight Conduit is UL Listed to UL360 and LTP-CUL Liquid Tight Fittings are UL Listed to UL514B and are suitable for use in Hazardous locations as per NEC Article 501 (B)(2) Class I Div 2, Article 502 (A)(2) & (B)(2) Class II Div 1&2, Article 503 (A)(3) & (B)(3) Class III Div 1&2.

Metallic Flexible Conduit and Fittings UL Listed

NEW Flexicon Knowledge Tutorial - Cable Protection - North American Approvals

Want to know more about the UL relevant standards and requirements to consider with Cable Protection? Do you know what the difference is between UL Listed and UL Recognised?

Flexicon have the answers and can be learnt through our ‘North American Approvals – Knowledge Tutorial’.

Click here to request your copy Now!

KBT - North American Approvals


For further information on our UL approved products or to discuss your requirements & application in further detail please call us on +44 (0) 1675 466 900 or email us on sales@flexicon.uk.com.


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