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Cable protection for the worlds highest railway in Tibet.

Flexicon has supplied 40km of flexible conduit to protect cabling on 361 high altitude carriages for the world’s highest railway in Tibet.




Rising to an altitude of 5000 metres above sea level, the conduit has to withstand temperatures down to -50oC and protect the cabling from snow, grit and dirt as well as ball lighting.


The flexible conduit has a metal interior to provide strength and a plastic outer covering.  It has an IP68 rating since it is often immersed in freezing water with the build up of snow.


The high altitude carriages have enriched oxygen and UV protection systems since the air has up to 40% less oxygen than at sea level.  The railway has several oxygen factories along its length to replenish this internal environment.  In addition, the water in the toilets must be heated to avoid freezing.


Says Jeremy Curtis, export manager for Flexicon:  “Clearly it is vital to protect the cabling for such high altitude carriages.  Without power or lighting passengers would become very uncomfortable.  This flexible conduit has been developed to withstand the harshest of conditions and will last for more than ten years.”


The 1,100km (750-mile) Qinghai-Tibet railway has been built through some of the most difficult terrain on earth, and rises at one point to 5,072m (16,600ft) above sea level. Because of the region's extreme temperatures and unstable permafrost, long sections of track have been elevated to improve stability.


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