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New Heavy Duty F-Clamp Provides Simple, Secure Flexible Conduit Fixing for Rail Industry

Flexicon has launched a range of heavy-duty conduit fixing clamps, F-Clamps, to make it easier to secure flexible conduit as part of a convenient modular cable protection system.   It is particularly suitable for applications where conduit is subjected to higher than normal stresses, movement and/or vibration.

Available for use with flexible conduit diameters from 16 to 80mm, the product is in two halves, which can be simply bolted together to secure and clamp the conduit. A central rib in the clamp fixes the corrugated conduit, preventing longitudinal movement and any risk that the conduit will be pulled through.

The clamping system has been designed for compatibility with Stauff products and accessories thus offering a truly modular clamping solution for corrugated conduit. The F-Clamps can be used individually or stacked when used with weld plates and cover plates, which are also available from Flexicon as accessories. When stacking there are a number of mounting possibilities to offer a modular mounting arrangement to secure multiple flexible conduit runs.

Says Colin Legg, Marketing Manager for Flexicon:  “The new F-Clamp system is ideal for applications where engineers need a heavy duty solution to secure conduit runs. Cable protection systems of different sizes can now be combined with other services in one area since our system is compatible with a series of new mounting rails plus fixing accessories and also the widely used Stauff system.

“These new products are particularly suitable for dynamic applications which are subject to heavy movement and high mechanical forces or vibration, such as for rail vehicles or heavy machine building.”

Constructed from PA66, the clamps are halogen, sulphur and phosphorous free and are a Low Fire Hazard product suitable for use with Flexicon’s corrugated range of non-metallic flexible conduits in either fine or coarse pitch derivatives.

The clamps are suitable for outdoor use and offer UV resistance and high impact resistance, making them ideal for exterior applications.  They can be used in temperatures from -50degC to +135degC.

For further information about Flexicon’s new range of F-clamps and accessories contact:  Flexicon Ltd, Roman Way, Coleshill, Birmingham, B46 1HG.  Telephone 01675 466900. Website: www.flexicon.uk.com e:mail: sales@flexicon.uk.com

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