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New 11th Edition Product & Solutions Guide

Flexible conduit manufacturer Flexicon has made it easier to specify cable protection with its new products and solutions guide.  It includes more than 350 new products and has an expanded technical content section.

Says Colin Legg, marketing manager for Flexicon:  “Cable protection selection is critical.  Specifiers and installers need to consider a number of different hazards to get it right.  Depending on the installation factors such as IP ratings, pull off characteristics, weight, corrosion resistance, low fire hazard, compression strength, abrasion resistance and fatigue life could be important.”

The new guide includes details of 52 different non-metallic and metallic flexible conduit systems.  To assist with specification it has easy to use selection guides, with fold out pages, to help you match different conduits with fittings and a section where it details which conduit systems are typically used by different industries.

New products of particular note in the new guide include an expanded hazardous area range, new low fire hazard liquid tight conduits and a new food grade conduit system.

Says Legg:  “Over the last few years the number of different flexible conduit systems has expanded hugely.  This means that cable protection can be closely geared to the hazards that they face, but it can also be harder to make the correct specification.  Our challenge is to make this specification a simple as possible.”

The new 116-page guide also contains more technical advice than before detailing cable carrying capacity, ingress protection, cutting and assembly guidance, resistance to different chemicals, and low fire hazard performance.

It is available in print or online on the company’s new website www.flexicon.uk.com.

For further information please contact:  Flexicon Ltd, Roman Way, Coleshill, Birmingham, B46 1HG.  Telephone 01675 466900.  Fax:  01675 466901.  Email:  sales@flexicon.uk.com.

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