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New Cable Protection Guide for Hazardous Areas from Flexicon

According to Flexicon’s new cable protection guide for hazardous areas, using flexible conduit systems will offer a potentially safer solution that could also save money and time.

The 20-page guide details the different hazardous area classifications and zones and outlines the company’s flexible conduit systems that can be used in such areas.


Featuring an extended range of EXD fittings, together with 11 liquid tight conduit ranges, this brochure brings together Flexicon’s hazardous area offer in one handy reference document. Complete with technical introduction, product comparison table, part number and ordering information, as well as installation and instruction notes, this comprehensive guide is a must-read for anybody operating or working within hazardous areas.

Using Flexicon’s ATEX and IECEx Ex D flameproof barrier glands, specifiers can select from any of its compatible liquid tight conduit systems.


Says Colin Legg, marketing manager for Flexicon:  “Using conduit provides superior cable protection for multiple cables, thus reducing the requirement for expensive specialist cables.  Cables can also be grouped, decreasing the number of entry points into a control box or enclosure. Depending on the conduit selected, additional performance such as EMC shielding, impact or crush resistance and corrosion and oil resistance can be provided.

“Using our flameproof barrier gland with flexible conduit means the specifier can choose from a far wider choice of systems for cable protection within hazardous areas than they have had in the past.”

As a quality UK manufacturer Flexicon can supply any of its different conduit systems quickly, and is readily at hand to support with technical advice and help, whether you are onsite or over the telephone.  The company can also accommodate specials more quickly, whether supplying bespoke lengths or ready made assemblies.

Specifiers can also easily select and download engineering drawings for flexible conduit systems from Flexicon’s website in a 3D format ready to import into their CAD designs.

Flexicon now has a broad range of new products suitable for hazardous environments, all of which are detailed within the guide, including:

• Stainless steel EXD fittings
• NPT threaded EXD fittings
• 90deg EXD fittings
• 45deg EXD fittings
• EXD fittings for braided conduit
• EXD thread converters
• EXD stopping plugs
• Low fire hazard liquid tight conduit – LTPLFH
• Anti-static liquid tight conduit – LTPAS
• Anti-static polyurethane coated liquid tight conduit – LTPPUAS

To request a copy of this new guide email Flexicon at sales@flexicon.uk.com.

For further information please contact:  Flexicon Ltd, Roman Way, Coleshill, Birmingham B46 1HG United Kingdom.  Telephone +44 (0)1675 466900.  Fax: +44 (0)1675 466901.

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