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Flexicon FPA and FPAX fittings take the strain

Flexicon has extended its range of FPA and FPAX fast fit flexible conduit fittings to include integrated cable glands that provide cable strain relief when using non-metallic flexible conduit systems.

Flexible conduit is installed into FPA and FPAX fittings by simply pushing it into place and twisting to secure. The all round teeth on the fitting provide a secure fit with a high pull off strength of 70Kg with the 21mm FPAH flexible conduit. The system has been vibration and shock tested to EN61373 Cat 2 and is tamper resistant to help maintain system integrity.

The new cable gland fittings have an IP rating of IP68 or IP69k for the FPAX system and IP66 for the FPA system and can withstand temperature ranges of -40oC to 100oC for static applications and -20oC to 100oC for dynamic applications.



They are available in straight, 45 degree elbow or 90 degree elbow derivatives with both of the latter incorporating a swept bore for easy cable installation and to protect the cables when they are installed. These products can be used with either fine or coarse pitch non-metallic flexible conduit in diameters from 13mm to 54 mm. Cable diameter clamping ranges are from 4.5mm to 35mm depending on size.

The company has also developed a range of flexible conduit fittings, with integrated cable glands, for use with metallic conduits.

Flexicon is a specialist UK manufacturer of flexible conduit and has 48 different systems available.

For further information contact: Flexicon Ltd, Roman Way, Coleshill, Birmingham, B46 1HG. Telephone: +44 (0)1675 466900. Fax: 01675 466901. Email: sales@flexicon.uk.com.

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