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Size really does matter

Leading flexible conduit manufacturer Flexicon has launched a 67mm non-metallic conduit with a range of fittings. Filling a gap in the market, the internal area of the new product is 42 per cent larger than the company’s 54mm conduit.

Increasing the cable capacity, the 67mm system provides an intermediate size solution; bridging a gap between the 54mm and 80mm conduit sizes. Fittings for conduits above 54mm are usually multipart, being clamped around the conduit and secured using four fixings, but Flexicon’s new 67mm conduit can be used with its FPA range of fittings, which are one part and fast-fit.

The 67mm conduit is available in FPAS, FPAL, FPI and FPP versions, ensuring that it can be used across a wide range of applications – including those that require low fire hazard products. When coupled with the appropriate fittings, the conduit can offer IP66 (protection against dust and high pressure water jets), IP67 (protection against dust and water immersion – up to one metre) and IP68 (protection against dust and long periods of water immersion – e.g. two bar pressure for two hours).

Ian Gibson, Flexicon’s technical director, said: “The flexible conduit market might seem fairly steady, with limited opportunity for innovation – but Flexicon’s product development strategy is fast-paced and forward-thinking and we always take new considerations on board. We looked at our nylon conduit range and realised that 54mm is not large enough for some installations, so we’ve increased the internal diameter to give installers much more scope.”

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